Redline Rundown #6

redlinederby Monday, 2/10/2020
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It was a big weekend all across the country with racing happening in North Carolina, Utah, and a little bit of practice here in Ohio. Lots of great builds getting rolled around so lets see what happened and what was discussed.


RLD Nationals Stage 3 complete
Our stop in Utah at the Diecast64 drag strip concluded in top fashion and found Paradox Racing taking home the gold for the stage. Congrats to all the podium finishes and good luck heading into the next stage. The series continues as it heads deep into the heart of the Texas for Stage 4. 


Project Looker: 1/4 Mile Coupe
The League of Speed is at it again with a new series of modding tutorials and insight. The challenge this time is how to turn the slow cars into fast cars. It’s not easy and his first crack is the 1/4 Mile Coupe that looks hot but just go as fast as it looks like it should. Can we make it faster? Follow along and find out.

Good lighting makes your videos look better
Lots of good light is critical to making your videos look good and there are some very affordable beginner lighting kits available for under $75. It will make you feel just a little bit more pro and also make your racing look nice and bright for your audience.

Getting discouraged by your mods
Spending a lot of time and thought on your modded racers only to see them not go much faster, or worse yet, get beat by a stocker, can be discouraging. We’ve all been there and that’s just part of the process...the “fun,” if you will. We all sucked at modding at one point, and to be honest, I still do. They say the fun is in the journey and not the destination...diecast racing might be the best case of that I’ve ever found.

More DIY finish lines
It seems making your own finish line is like a rite of passage for diecast racers. I was in that boat for a long time until 3DBotMaker started selling his accessories. But now that those have been discontinued, the quest for affordable & reliable finish lines is back on.

Briar Run track
A new listing in the Track Directory shows off the Briar Run track located in Texas. It’s an open track road course and it appears to still be a work-in-progress, but it’s already looking great and will hopefully host a Redline Derby race in the near future.


Triplemania Weekend deadline is next Monday!
This is the last week for you to work on your Triplemania entries. Whether you’re entering 2 cars or 4 cars, get the sewn up, bathed in graphite, and on their way to Ohio. I’ll be doing pickups every day this week. The last day is Monday 2/17.

Super Cars in action
Bootleg Run was on fire this past weekend as the Super Cars started their battle with the beast. That track is an ass kicker with cars flying this way and that, unable to handle the speed and curves. It’s a big field and we’re just getting started, so follow along as the action continues early this week.

RLD Racing League continues next weekend
The RLD Racing League picks up again this weekend in North Carolina on the Quest Speedway track. This is only the second event so there’s still time to jump in the line and get some points.

The Redline Rumble
The debut of the 30-car elimination event will be here quicker than you think. There are still a few slots left so claim a spot with 1 or 2 cars and start scouting.

This past Saturday was another Downhill Diecast Drags practice session and I was on hand to test a few cars and help prep for all the racing. I briefly talked with a couple guys from a garage club that races in Central Ohio and passed on our good name, so hopefully they’ll stop by and see what we do. There’s one more practice session next Saturday, which means I really need to start building so I can do some proper testing.

Also, if people are travelling to the event and will be in Columbus on Friday evening, we've opened up the Diecast Challenge and Builder Battle open to spectators. Please send me a PM to get details if you're interested.

Otherwise, it’s the calm before the storm here at RLD HQ, so it’s gonna be a busy week offline as I get the RLD booth ready for primetime.

Enjoy your week!

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