Redline Rundown #17

redlinederby Monday, 5/4/2020
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It's a new month and there's a lot of new stuff to talk about, and as always, some topics that just keep poppin' up. I hope everyone is hanging in there and racing when you can. Share your racing, your stories, and your fun.


Hot Wheels Speedbox Review
UK member EcuWeeEcosse got his hands on Mattel's Track Builder Speed Box and gave a wonderful review, focusing mostly on the starting gate that comes as part of the set. It doesn't sound like any saving grace but can't hurt to have for some quick fun.


Finding an affordable video camera
We can't all afford having multiple GoPro cameras on our track to shoot 4K video, but GoPro isn't the only option. There are many GoPro-like action cameras out there and some of them are very affordable...maybe too affordable?

The Fortnite custom
This one is just fun and a good excuse to give a shout out to an up-and-comer in our midst. Vincent is 10 and completed his first custom...and of course it's a Fortnite themed car. The next generation is here, give 'em a welcome.

DRC Racing, new YouTube channel
DRC Racing is a new YouTube channel following in the footsteps of 3DBotMaker. It's a great fully modeled track with some quick action. Give it a watch and share your thoughts.

List of retail finish lines (and starting gates)
The quest for ready-to-buy finish lines and starting gates is eternal. The pickings are slim but we've put together a list of what we've found. Share your own retail finds.

Let the sun shine on...your cars
Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's a good time to walk outside...just don't forget to take your cars with you. Snap a few shots of your favorites out in the wild and you'll be happy with the results. Share your favorite outside glamour shots.


URGENT: Charger Summer is nearing and if you've already claimed a spot, please confirm your intent with League of Speed this week. Believe it or not, there's a waiting list for entries, so if your plans have changed and you can't race, please let us know so someone else can enjoy the fun.

The RLD Racing League finished up the April race and saw Red Pill Racing conquer on the Tecumseh Proving Grounds. Get the full results and watch the highlights.

The Rust Belt Racing Kid's Race is still scheduled for May 22nd, so have your young ones slap paint on a stock car and send it in for some fun.

The RLD Nationals are back on track at Tobacco Road, and the May race for the RLD Racing League is also going to roll down The Road.

YouTube Racing Roundup

The only report from YouTube this week came from Spanners Watson and the Chaos Canyon channel, which kicked off The Redemption series. Skorpio Love Smith took Round 1 with his Zuru Blue Roadster.

Do you run a YouTube racing channel? Report your race results and get included in our weekly rundown.

Lets kick of May with a bang, folks. Keep the cars rolling and discussion happening. Happy racing!


Awesome stuff Brian. Thanks for putting these together. It's great to see a list reviewing the top stories each week.

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