Redline Rundown #10

redlinederby Monday, 3/9/2020
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This is the 10th Redline Rundown and I must say I'm surprised...I had doubts I'd be able to keep this things going week after week, but I guess there's plenty to highlight every time. Hopefully you find these Rundowns handy, I do. We all have real life going on every week so writing this Rundown forces me to look back and take stock of where we are and where we're heading. Race on!


Summer racing league starts in April
Redline Derby is happy to announce we've partnered with Autobody Specialists in Columbus to host a monthly racing league. The Downhill Diecast Drags Summer Racing League kicks off at the end of April and will offer local, on-site racing as well as mail-in racing for the modified class. Read the announcement and get your donor stash ready for a summer's worth of racing.


The Chrome Bullet
Matt Allen (Mattman213) put together the fastest car of the Downhill Diecast Drags last month, the Chrome Bullet. Based on the Large Charge casting, his car took home 2 top spots at the February event as well as logging the fastest time on the track of 2 seconds. Get the story of how the build came together...more luck was involved than you might think.

Building a track slope
I'm planning on refreshing my track this summer and I'm thinking about making a sloped track, but how? I can slant a flat board against another board, but making a nicely sloped track along the lines of a Pinewood Derby track sounds a little tricky. Lets discuss the different ways you can go about such a build. Share your experiences and techniques.

Tiny tools for tiny cars
What small tools are necessary when modding your cars? Clamps and vises are pretty important to hold our tiny cars in place when we work. Check out a few options that you might not have thought of, plus see what others are using to create their speed.

How to use for your races
This site is a great place to chat about racing but it's also the best place to share the racing you're doing at home. We make it easy for you to start hosting mail-in races and guide you from start to finish. We'll help you promote your race and even provide stat tracking for you.


Last week to build for the Redline Rumble
The Redline Rumble entry deadline is next Monday! Plus, stay tuned this week for the entry draft that will determine when your cars enter the Redline Rumble. We're hoping for a Tuesday night video debut. I don't think we'll be broadcasting live but look for a video link soon.

Still time to jump into the RLD Racing League
There's still a couple weeks before the RLD Racing League picks up again in Georgia on Red Pill Hill. This is a pick-up league so you can join in at anytime you can. Claim your spot soon and prep your cars. It's a build-your-best style league so there's nothing stopping you.

Gotham City Rush announced for April
Find your Batmobile stash and start finding your fastest one. Gotham City Rush is a stock-only race of just Batmobiles and goes down on April 15. There's no shortage of Batmobiles out there, that's for sure. And we challenge you to enter something other than the '66 fact, we dare you.

RLD Nationals to wrap-up
The RLD Nationals series is wrapping up this week in North Carolina on Tobacco Road. The Chevys have criss-crossed the country duking it out on tracks in Georgia, Utah, Texas, and North Carolina. It's been a great series to watch. Catch up on all the races and watch highlights from each.

The weather is starting to warm up and the days will be getting longer from here on out. I know it'll be a busy time for everyone, myself included, but hope you'll continue to make Redline Derby a regular stop on your internet travels. Race when you can and share your fun.


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