Redline Rundown #26

redlinederby Sunday, 7/26/2020
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We're all building tracks! At least it seems that way. So many great tracks popping up and getting built while we're all stuck inside. From drag strips to mountain courses, the amount of miles being covered by our little diecast cars has to be in the millions. Keep sharing your builds and what you're doing to get your cars ready to race.


Check out the new Member directory
Each member has their own personal stats for race wins and finishes, and now there is a complete listing for each race year and racer career. Not to mention an easy way to look up your fellow members. Give it a look and see where you stand.


Which is better, a plastic chassis or metal?
It's an age old debate...which chassis delivers better performance? And of course, the answer is, "it depends." But lets discuss and see what we think.

Quick race result reporting
If you've recently run a race that wasn't previously on the calendar, you now have a quick way to report results and hand out wins. Just click the yellow button when you create a new topic and fill out the form. Quick & easy. No excuses.

Chas Canyon gets a face lift
Our friends over at Chaos Canyon added some more story to their already exciting track. Watch the trailer and get excited to watch your cars jump the bridge.

Further investigating coned wheels
Adding camber to wheels is a well-known method for trying to improve your speed by reducing friction. And Ralph Technology continues to explore...join in his research.

Fraser Ridge Raceway continues to evolve
I guess you can never have too much scenery, right? Fraser Ridge keeps evolving with some more buildings and trackside dressing.


Charger Summer is making its stop in Texas for the next 2 stages with Michael's Diecast Garage. Until things get rolling, catch up with all the Charger Summer races and standings.

Up early next month is the Gov'ner vs CCM race and the Silverback Racing Invitational, both should have some great match-ups.

The Poppa Speed Invitational is still scheduled for early August so if you haven't yet, get your cars shipped out soon to make the deadline.

And a little further down the road in September is the Dixie Gran Prix 3 where a host of open-wheeled cars will tackle Bootleg Run.

Want even more racing? Stop by the Diecast Racing Channel Guide, the ultimate list of diecast racing on YouTube with more than 50 channels. Add your channel and find your next favorite.

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