Redline Rundown #5

redlinederby Monday, 2/3/2020
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It’s February! Triplemania Weekend is getting closer and things are only going to get busier around here over the next couple weeks. I’m excited for the racing and to meet other racers, it should be a lot of fun. But there's a lot of racing coming up this week and after, so lets check all that out plus a quick look back at the standouts from last week.


Triplemaia Weekend deadline is closer than you think
The deadline for mail-in entries is Monday 2/17, which is only 2 weeks from today. You’ll probably need to get them in the mail by the end of next week so finish up your builds and get ready for some fun. I’ll also have some more info about Triplemania Friday Night here real soon, so keep an eye out this week.


Worpex Racing finds the fastest stock cars
Mat from Worpex Racing concluded their massive stock tournament of 512 cars. It’s been a long haul and a ton of racing but it always comes down to 2 cars, and this time it was the Chevy Stocker vs the Jaguar I-Pace. Anyone doing research on fast stock cars should definitely checkout all the highlights and final video.

Interview with Bruno
Speaking of Triplemania, I chatted with Bruno Tabacchi, the man from Autobody Specialists that’s organizing the big Downhill Diecast Drags event and hosting Triplemania Weekend. Learn more about his diecast past and how the race event came to be.

Show off your builds in The Showroom
We started a thread called The Showroom where you can share glamor shots of your car builds. Be proud of your creations and show them off. You deserve it and you might inspire others to jump on board.

Black Ice Run race track
Open fat tracks are all the rage these days and a new entry in the Race Track Directory is carrying the flag. Black Ice Run is designed by Ray Suarez out of Texas and his build is off to a great start.


Super Cars go green
It feels like a long time coming but the Super Cars go green this weekend. I got 2 cars in this race and I’m excited to see how they handle Bootleg Run. I feel like it’s a crap shoot but hey.

RLD Nationals, Stage 3
The Chevys are in Utah with our friends from Diecast64 and getting ready to roll once again. It’s early in the series but the standings are close and it’s still anyone’s trophy to win.

RLD Racing League picks back up
The Racing League action picks up again in a couple weeks. Don’t forget the Racing League is a pick-up series that you can join at any stage, and there’s still a few slots open for this month. It’s a build-your-best theme so find your favorite castings and see what happens.

The Redline Rumble
Just announced for March is the Redline Rumble. We’re going to try something a little different with an elimination race. It’s capped at 30 cars and comes with an entry draft, so check it out and try your luck.

Off the track

Congratulations to Ricky Sarabia for winning our Instagram giveaway. He gets his very own axle alignment jig, and we all look forward to seeing his cars in upcoming races. If you’re not following Redline Derby on Instagram, go ahead and give us a follow.

We’re looking for some race reporters. If you regularly watch diecast racing channels on YouTube (or if you run one), we need your help reporting on what’s happening and who’s winning. Please give us a shout if you’re interested in helping.

Like I said, all the Triplemania planning is keeping me super busy but I’ll have updates and a few new articles coming later this week. Thanks to everyone that’s been kicking off some great discussions as of late...ChrisW, RobertBcfc, Worpex, Rusty, LoS, and everyone else chiming in along the way. Keep the ideas and conversations coming! 



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LeagueofSpeed 2/3/20
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Nice write up...busy month...see ya in the fastlane 

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