Redline Rundown #12

redlinederby Monday, 3/30/2020
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My apologies for the lack of a rundown last week but I think everyone's rundown was probably similar - dealing with the chaos! But after a week home, things are starting to find their groove and I hope the same is true for your family. Here's a quick rundown of what happened last week...I know I need it!


Home sweet home
I'm guessing most of us are staying inside at home (or at least, you should be) and it looks like that's given us some time to work on our cars and tracks. Get inspired and browse through the showroom thread and check out some workspaces too.


Mind your packages
We might be stuck at home but our packages are not. If you're still shipping around cars for mail-in races, make sure you disinfect them or let them sit for a bit before cracking everything open. It sounds silly, I know, but better safe than sorry.

Keepin' it in the family
Robby over at Diecast 64 posted a great article about how he shares diecast racing with his kids and family. As he says, "when you’re on the track, age doesn’t matter." How do you share the fun of racing with your family?

It's a spectater sport
There is no shortage of diecast racing channels on YouTube. With everyone at home, you might have some more time to watch a few races and even share it with others. Our big list of racing channels can help fill your free time.

Jigs are back on sale
I had to take the axle alignment jigs of the shelves for a bit while I relocated my manufacturing operations, but everything is up and running again so you can order yours now.


Please know that while we have the best of intentions to keep the racing going, some dates and races might get postponed or canceled. If you have scheduled to host a race, keep everyone updated.

Summer Racing League postponed
We decided to postpone the Downhill Diecast Drags Summer Racing League until further notice. Since it was an in-person league as much as a mail-in league, it just doesn't make sense at this point. We'll see how things are in a few months and maybe reschedule some things...we'll see.

RLD Racing League
In the middle of all the chaos, the RLD Racing League finished up the March race on Red Pill Hill. Check out the video highlights. Points and standings will be updated soon.

The Showdown: Gov'ner vs CCM
The Showdown is still scheduled and on for May at this point. There's still plenty of time but might want to start scouting and testing.

Charger Summer 2020
Spring has barely sprung but summer is closer than we think. Dig up your Dodges and them ready for a 8-race series across the country this June.

Hopefully we're all started to find our way in the new reality that is a lot of time at home. It's an adjustment for all of us but hopefully diecast racing can be a little oasis and bring some fun to what can be a scary time.

Share your fun...we all need it!

Stay safe, stay friendly, stay sane. Race on.



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Mattman213 3/30/20

Yep if we are supposed to stay home to beat this nonsense then why not RACE!  The local drag strip and drive in theater are both closed, everything else we love to do during spring is either closed or canceled so my fall back has been working on some new Mods in hopes that someone will host some races here soon.  Shoot, might just get my track ironed out the rest of the way and host a series of Social Distancing Nationals.


If anyone's looking for some action, I'm running nightly live races in my Facebook group.

Just look for the post each day to sign up as a driver. Teams are forming now for our mail-in Stock and Modified Summer Series starting in June!

  • Sweet! Would love to send in a few cars! I’ll check out your FB page. Joey Clemons — customLEDbikes
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