The Redline Rundown #1

redlinederby Monday, 1/6/2020
Site manager

Welcome to the Redline Rundown, what I’m hoping will be a weekly(ish) newsletter type thing that will highlight what’s going on, what’s happened, and what will be happening around Redline Derby and the diecast racing community.

Given the nature of message boards, it’s easy for good article and old topics to get lost and buried. My hope is the Rundown can offer a good way to surface and reintroduce those topics and ideas.

After the read, please let me know if you think and if this is the type of thing you'd want to see on a regular basis.

RLD Racing League entry by Traction Event

A quick look back

The Redline Derby Racing League. The RLD Racing League held the first monthly tournament this past week on the Quest Speedway, a straight shooter of a drag strip that calls North Carolina home. The racing was fierce but saw 98.1 Racing (aka Diecast 64) taking home the first championship with his big Ford truck. Check out the final results and highlight video.

Trying to make a Ferrari even more super. Folks are starting their builds for the Super Cars tournament coming up in early February. I love me some exotics so I sat down to go through my stash of car and decided on a Ferrari Testarossa as one of my entries. Here’s a quick look at my build.

Where does your weight go? Adding weight to your mods is pretty standard practice, but one question that’s always in my head is where do you put the weight in your car to get the advantage? Physics has the answer when you’re talking about straight lines, but what about curves? What about open tracks? Share your experience and while you’re at it, check out 72_Chevy_C10’s video on the matter.

Next week

The RLD Nationals ’57 Chevy tournament starts to roll, also on the Quest Speedway. Check out photos of the entries and make your picks.

The first Rookie Rally also kicks off on the Redline Derby Speedway in Ohio. This tournament is for racers new to modding so it should be a very interesting race to watch. Get a look at some of the builds.

Next month

February is a big month for Redline Derby Racing. Not only will the Super Cars race be starting on 2/8, the special Triplemania Weekend brings 3 big events over 2 days starting on 2/21. It’s great chance to show off your builds and also get to meet some fellow racers in person. Get all the dates and details, and hope to see you there!

What else?

Know of an event or find a cool article? Leave a comment, leave a link, and we'll get our crack team of reporters on the story and see what shakes out.

How was that?

There you go, the first Redline Rundown for the week of 1/6. What do you think?

Ideally, I’d like to do a Rundown every week but some weeks will probably be lighter than others. It all depends what topics crop up and what cool things you guys share and talk about.

Feel free to comment below or you can always shoot me a PM if you want to chat a little more privately.


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41-14 1/6/20


if i send in two 60 gram modified do they race in different races. What's the lowdown on these races. 

  • Triplemania weekend. — 41-14
  • You're not the first to ask...gonna make a post about it, hang tight — redlinederby
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LeagueofSpeed 1/6/20
Event coordinator

I love it...keep up the good work and good to see you energized again!!!

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redlinederby 1/6/20
Site manager

See here to answer the question about how many cars to send in for Triplemania Weekend.

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Mattman213 1/7/20

Yeah keep this going for sure if you have time.  It's nice to see a recap and gives the forum more content to look through and look forward to!


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WorpeX 1/7/20

There's also a massive 512 car tournament going on Here! It's a bit of a fantasy event and can be hard to follow, but I try to make the updates fun to read! Definitely a good way to learn about some fast castings you may not have heard of! I may video the finals if there is enough interest. 

  • Yeah I love it. It gets buried sometimes and hard to find but its entertaining for sure and your right, its a good guide to see whats quick out there! — Mattman213
  • Sorry, it slipped by me this week. I'll put in a shoutout link in the next Rundown. — redlinederby
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