Triplemania Friday night racing

redlinederby Thursday, 1/23/2020
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While the Downhill Diecast Drags is the big event of Triplemania Weekend, don’t forget there are 2 races being held on the Friday night before the Saturday meet-up.

Friday night's alright for racing

The Ohio Diecast Challenge is an exclusive race for Redline Derby Racing entries. It’s a standard bracket and open to both modified and stock entries. It’s really just an excuse for us to use the Drag Track layout the Autobody Specialist guys are using for Saturday racing. Their crew will also be on hand to help me keep things running smoothly.

The other race happening that same Friday night is the Battle of the Builders. We’re not worrying about brackets with this one, it’s all about fast times. It’s also Team vs Team, with all RLD entries being put together on one team to compete against the Autobody Specialist guys. The team with the fastest time gets the glory and takes home a trophy.

Now...I’m not one to pre-toot our horn, but I have no fears that Team RLD is going to smoke the Autobody guys. Just the way its gonna be, but that doesn’t mean there’s no singles glory to chase. Since this is about fast times, there will be a Fastest of the Team title to claim. That could be you. So not only would you be on the winning team, you’d be the MVP.

The Saturday main event of Downhill Diecast Drags will be a lot of fun and see a ton of cars getting raced, but Friday night is our night. It’s Redline Derby’s night. We’re gonna have some fun with our new partners at Autobody Specialists and prime the pump for Saturday.

Get all the details about each race and learn how many cars you’ll need to send in to compete.

Entry deadline for all races is 2/17.



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WorpeX 1/24/20

Wait, are the Friday races open to specators or are they not included in the Autobody Specialists event? Would be awesome if they were, would really make this worth the trip!

Anyway, 8 hour drive for me and I just bought a house with closing happening close to this time... I know I probably wont end up coming, but I'm still going to try my best to go!

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redlinederby 1/24/20
Site manager

Hmmm...guess I never thought about the Friday night races being open to spectators. I'm sure it can, but let me double check with the Autobody guys because it's happening at their shop. If they don't mind then yeah, I guess if someone wants to hang out and help race, the more the merrier.

And congrats on the house! Make sure you carve out a piece of a room for a track :)

  • yep, I got my eye on a room already! ;) — WorpeX
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redlinederby 2/4/20
Site manager

Just a quick update that visitors will be able to come and join the Friday night racing. Times and specifics TBD very soon. However, I would recommend to still mail-in your Friday cars just in case.

More soon...

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