Redline Rundown #16

redlinederby Monday, 4/27/2020
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What happened to April? It's either been the longest month or the shortest month, take your pick. But either way, the diecast racing continued as did all the discussions surrounding it. Here's your weekly look at what's up and what's coming.


It's about the children...
Many of us are stuck at home with the kids and racing is a great way to spend some time togther (and do some research). GTRguy83 shared a game he's calling The Junkyard that has his kid learning about money and racing. Neat stuff...and check out Rust Belt Racing's kid race below for some more youth racing.


Designing a modular track
New RLD member Stephen (EcuWeeEcosse) is designing a modular track system using classic 2-lane and open lane tracks and it's pretty interesting. He's sharing his journey so follow along and be inspired.

Building an off-road track
The talk about alternative track materials kept rolling recently but we've gone off-road looking for materials to make a rally track. Lots of interesting ideas floating out there...what are your thoughts?

Making videos look good
Everyone wants to have videos that look like 3DBotMaker's...and why not?! It takes good lighting, good cameras, and a lot of time to edit. Get some insight, ideas, and share what you're doing for your videos.

My mods are going slower!
It's a rite of passage when you start modding...your efforts to add weight, wheels, axles, whatever end up making yoru car slower instead of faster. Share how you made it over the hump...or maybe you're on the hump?


The April RLD Racing League race will be running soon once all the entries make it to the track. We all know shipping has been slow lately so just hang tight, we'll get 'er done.

Rust Belt Racing is hosting a Kid's Only mail-in race in a couple weeks. It's short notice but all you need is a car and a kid. Kids 15 & Under just need to paint a car and send it in. Stocks only, no modding's for the children!

Charger Summer is pretty much only a month away at this point and still on schedule. Check out the thread for entry and workshop photos. Looks like it's going to be quite the competitive field.

And don't forget to check out reports from the YouTube racing scene in our weekly YouTube Racing Roundup. And don't forget to submit your race results and get featured here!



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WorpeX 4/27/20

Longest and most painful month of my life. These write-ups have made me realize I have a lot ot get caught up on here in RLD! That'll be a nice distraction. Thanks again for writing these!

  • Hope things are getting better, man. The track will always be here. It's been rough for everyone. — redlinederby
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